If you're looking for a simple way to improve the way your business works, Microsoft Edge has another great option. The most recent version of Microsoft's Edge browser has a number of new tools that could help you get more done. 

Read on to learn about the new technology and why so many experts say you should upgrade to Microsoft Edge Version 115 as soon as possible.

What New Updates Are Available?

The Edge management service is a tool in the latest version of Microsoft Edge that is meant to improve how you browse the web. This is the biggest difference from the old software, and it fixes common bugs that used to cause problems for many companies.

You must be an Edge or Global administrator to use this tool. The management service can be found in the Microsoft 365 admin center if your role permits it. It lets managers set the settings that other users' browser windows will show. 

New Setting Changes with Microsoft Edge Version 115

What are the settings that admins can now change or optimize?

  • Browser extensions: You may block all extensions within your workplace or set restrictions for downloading them. That way, you can control the URL that workers can download an extension from or only allow them to download certain apps.
  • Configuration profiles: This is a separate profile you will use to set up your browser policies.

How Microsoft Edge Version 115 Can Boost Your Business's Productivity

Why upgrade to Microsoft Edge Version 115 for the sake of your business? Business owners can leverage this new software and technology in various exciting ways. Of all the recent updates Microsoft Edge has put out, this version benefits anyone trying to increase their organization's effectiveness.

For example, Version 115 features a new sidebar that showcases different productivity tools, including Microsoft Office and Outlook. You can easily use these side by side to streamline operations.

Other prominent features of this software include the following:

  • Google Docs Offline Extension: Automatically installs to your Edge browser if you don't place restrictions on your extension settings. Your team can use any of Google's office applications (like Google Docs and Google Sheets) without Internet access, including continuing work on these projects when your WiFi goes down.
  • Text prediction: Instead of wasting time on long-form text, Microsoft Edge's latest text prediction feature makes typing content quicker and easier.
  • Helpful notifications: Are you about to close your browser with multiple tabs open? Don't worry; Microsoft Edge Version 115 will warn you before closing anything. It also has a feature that warns you about sites with similar URLs to ensure you load the right page. 

Microsoft Edge Version 115 benefits businesses by boosting their productivity.

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