Microsoft is now the go-to disguise for cybercriminals launching phishing attacks. But a closer look can save you and your business from falling prey. It’s all about slowing down, observing, and analyzing.

The Rising Phishing Tide

The latest data from Check Point’s Threat Intelligence rings the alarm bells. Microsoft has shot up to the top spot for brand phishing attempts in the second quarter of 2023. It accounts for 29% of these attempts, up from third place in the earlier quarter. Microsoft now outpaces Google and Apple.

Over half of the brand imitation attacks came from these three tech companies.

Windows and Microsoft 365 customers around the globe are the targets of a new surge of fake emails. The phishing hooks dangle tempting baits. They imitate Microsoft’s look, hoping you’ll bite.

One recent phishing scam spotted by Check Point analysts involved a false Microsoft account sign-in alert. It lured users into clicking a harmful link. These links are designed to grab anything they can. From login details to payment information, nothing is off-limits.

How to Spot and Avoid Phishing Attacks

Phishing tricks come in many forms. Emails, texts, and social media messages all serve as lures. They look real and urgent, playing on your fears. Once you click on a link, a fake login portal appears. It might look compelling. If you enter your details, it gives them the chance to steal your sensitive data.

Here’s how you can protect yourself:

  • Look for Errors: Spotting errors in the URL, domain, and message can help. If anything seems off, it could be a phishing attempt.
  • Slow Down: Don’t let a sense of urgency force you into hasty actions. Take your time to assess unexpected alerts or requests.
  • Analyze: Make sure to examine any message carefully before taking action. Legitimate entities typically avoid asking for sensitive information via email or text.

Standing Guard Against Phishing

Phishing isn’t a new problem, but it keeps evolving. And as the Microsoft phishing attack shows, it’s growing more sophisticated. But you’re not helpless. Spotting discrepancies and being mindful of the signs can go a long way in keeping critical information about your business, customers, and partners safe. Slowing down, observing, and analyzing is the key to outsmarting phishing attempts. It’s your best defense in the face of this persistent online threat.

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